How much do sessions cost?

Nothing - we do it for the love of it and do not ask for payment. We do ask however that you contribute with a gold coin donation after any of the runs or an amount of your choice to a charity chosen by the group each year.
For more information about the ARC's donations, click here

Are the sessions suitable for a range of abilities?

Provided you have a basic level of fitness and can run non stop for approximately 30-40. minutes, then you will be able to cope. We do recommend that before embarking on the Wednesday interval session that you develop a base of steady running, which can either be done at the Saturday session or on your own.

While there are no superstars in the group we are able to cater for a wide range of abilities. Currently our group includes runners that can run 10km in 37 min right through to runners taking 60-65 min.

Where can I store my gear?

Gear can be kept in one of the coaches/participants cars near to our meeting place.

Is there a uniform?

There is no mandatory uniform; feel free to wear any appropriate running gear that you may have.
We do have a selection of ARC branded running wear though that is available to purchase. Currently we are able to provide branded shorts, singlets, t-shirts, caps and even hoodies. Send us a mail for more information.

When and where do you compete?

Adelaide Running Crew members can be found at many fun runs across Adelaide. Some members have participated in interstate events including the Great Ocean Road Marathon and Half, City to Surf and the Melbourne Marathon and Half Marathon.

Is there a social side to the group?

The Adelaide Running Crew have a number of regular social activities, including the traditional 'Last Wednesday of the Month' dinner after training and the weekly Saturday morning Breakfast.